Cigar Rollers HoustonEnhance your guests experience with a Cigar Knowledgeable, Cigar Server. The cigar severs don’t simply hand out cigars, they are trained to answer all questions that your guests may have concerning the type of cigars that they are smoking, the tobacco used, how they are made and more.

Female cigar dolls add an extra high class touch to your event. They are not only beautiful, they are well spoken, highly trained and knowledgeable about the product and brand. They will interact with your guests and answer all questions. Their knowledge of cigars will impress everyone. They represent you and your event.

Male cigar servers are also available. These handsome gentlemen, “hosts” as they are called are also highly trained extremely knowledgeable about cigars. They will interact, answer questions, cut and light cigars for your guests.

Adding a Cigars Server will add that extra special touch to your upscale event.